I am Yahya Kacaribu, but people know me as Santa. I am 22 years old.

Living in a remote community makes it more difficult to get the right education, I had to leave my village to learn English and to make a living. I do not want my younger brother to grow up like me, I want him and the other children of my village to have a good education, I want them to learn basic English in our village, so they have better chances for a carefree future, an easier way to grow up.

Also I see and experience the impact of the palm oil plantations every day. They take all the water around us, our wells do not have clean water anymore, it smells. And most of the time, the wells are dry, so we have to travel far to get clean water.

When I was a kid, I swam in the river all the time, my younger brother does not want to swim in the river, because it is too dirty. We must take responsibility and keep our environment clean, so the next generation can swim and play in the river just like I did.

While working at a conservation project close to Bukit Lawang, I learned about conservation of the nature that surrounds us and I started thinking about all the things I could do for my own village (that borders the Gunung Leuser National Park).

So that’s where my dream started!

I went back to my village, hoping to make a difference. I talked to friends and together we formed a team and started Sumatra Dream Class.