About us

Education is necessary for human development. Ultimately education will make life easier and happier. 

Teaching English is one of the most important lessons because  English is an international language that we use today. But English education is not an easy thing to get into remote areas such as in our village Porli. There are several obstacles that prevent us from receiving English lessons in our village, such as the difficulty of finding teachers in this field, economic factors and lack of knowledge about the importance of it. This is what drives us and arouses our ambition to start a very small project to open “Free English Language Lessons” for our children. 

In addition, we are anxious to start teaching conservation and taking care of nature. Our village is adjacent to the UNESCO World Heritage Listed Gunung Leuser National Park. This site is the last place on earth where orangutans, elephant, rhinoceros and tigers co-exist in the wild. We want the young generation to appreciate this extraordinary asset. We like to teach them understanding of how to preserve the nature that currently exists and prevent future extinction.  

Concerning the problem of litter ( in the remote areas of Sumatra we do not have waste collection organized by the government), we are eager to persuade children to collect trash rather than litter. We teach them to care about the surrounding environment. We ask the children that attend the English lessons to contribute to a cleaner living environment by “paying” us with garbage. This does not mean that children have to bring garbage to us, but we will do the litterpicking together with them around the place we live. Hopefully our pupils will also motivate their parents to collect rather than to litter waste and maybe they will come up with great ideas about recycling, such as turning plastic waste into Ecobricks. With time, hopefully, we will be able to reward them with small gifts to increase their enthusiasm to collect and recycle. 

Around our village Porli, almost 75% of the land is used by palm oil plantations. In addition palm oil is grown by small farmers in our village to provide for their livelihood. Palm oil production and deforestation go hand in hand. To build palm oil plantations producers clear trees in tropical rainforests, destroying the biodiverse regions. Deforestation is a significant contributor to climate change. Intensive palm oil production is also creating air, soil and water pollution, and soil erosion. On a regional scale, palm oil production has also been associated with robbing Indigenous people of their land and livelihoods.

Not far from our village there is a river with beautifull jungle (Batu Rongring). This is an extraordinary asset that we still have and need to protect. With knowledge, we aim to enable the next generation to maintain the integrity of this beautiful place. We must fight for environmentally friendly agriculture. We must stop deforestation and cultivate different plants and trees that are more environmentally friendly. On a small scale we want to convince and help our farmers to replace their palm oil trees for a variety of trees such as durian, coconut, mahogany and rotan. We will try to raise funds to buy the necessary trees in order to work on “Sustainable Farming” together with the farmers of our village.