English Class

We like to teach children and young people of our community basic English, as English is necessary to have a better chance in society. While doing so, we also like them to be aware of the beauty of their living environment and the need to work on conservation in order to maintain this wonderfull asset for future generations.

Play & Learn

Our goal is to have two 1,5 hour classes a week, the classes are free for all children between 6 and 14 years old (10 to 15 kids).

Key-words in our teaching method will be Fun, Playing, Drama and Singing

We will divide each lesson in 3 blocks:

  • 30 minutes song and material information
  • 30 minutes exercise by answering the questions
  • 30 minutes playing the game / singing the song

The first lesson of the week will emphasize on English Class, the second lesson of the week will be more focussed on Conservation.