Our goals

“My dream………………… I want my younger brother, my nieces and nephews and maybe one day my children, to grow up and have a future in our village. I want them to play and swim in our river. I want them to enjoy the magnificient jungle, the nature and wildlife that are only steps away.”

I dare to dream and I will give my everything to make my dreams become reality. Please follow me on my journey to making my dreams come true.


Train young people and children to learn basic English, start loving nature and feel they have a responsibility to protect the environment in which they live.


  • Hold free English classes twice a week.
  • Do garbage collection with the children on a regular basis.
  • Bring children to the jungle to educate them on the importance of nature and how to protect the treausures that it holds.
  • Recycle collected garbage into Ecobricks and other crafts.
  • Grow and plant more environmentally friendly trees and reduce the amount of palm oil trees in and around our village.